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What are the steps to leave or resign from your current Dealer Group?
1. Review your Authorised Representative Agreement
It is important to identify:

  • Your required resignation period (typically 30 days).
  • Any requirements on resignation (Return Dealer Group Stationery; Send clients a standard resignation letter; Payment of outstanding fees etc).
2. Submit an email or letter of resignation to your Dealer Group.

See attached example below.

NB: Unless specified otherwise in your Agreement, your Dealer Group will supply a blanket letter of release over your client servicing and commission rights on the final day of your resignation period.

3. On the final day of your resignation period.
  • We will appoint you to the ASIC register so you can begin trading normally under our AFSL.
  • If a blanket letter of release is provided we will submit to the relevant providers and follow up on your behalf.
4. Usually 2-5 business days later your clients and adviser codes will be successfully transferred by the provider.
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